MarkMeter is a supplementary study tool aimed at enabling students to help their studying process so as to help them to score more marks in the exams. MarkMeter’s simple and structured studying methodology helps students to experience a whole new and easier way to study . It is extremely result oriented to the extent where students experience increased progress real time.

MarkMeter ably supports students to plan their study time very efficiently with the help of salient features such as study duration (How long would it take it to study the answer content for a lesson is provided) and progress tracking (How many more marks are scored prior to a MarkMeter experience and post the experience is provided on a real time basis).

MarkMeter isn’t designed with intent to replace any teaching process or isn’t aimed to replace any learning efforts. It is simply designed to help students to score more marks in the exams by supplementing their studying process.

You will experience the following in sequence to prepare for Questions and answers related to each lesson.These questions are available in the text book.

1.You will take a “Pre-MarkMeter test” and your scores will be recorded in the system along with time taken to complete such test/quiz. You will also be issued with a certificate of progress. This will be your base line performance. (Example: you have scored 20% marks and in 30 minutes test duration.). Please note that if you haven't studied the lesson earlier and/or not confident of answering, you are advised to skip this test/quiz and straight away experience markmeter by clicking the next step.

2.You will be notified of entire MarkMeter experience duration (Example: 45 minutes) and will be asked to follow a sequence of lesson visuals and tests/quizzes/puzzles. Your progress will be notified at the end of each step/section and you will be provided with an online certificate.You will also know the areas of great and not so great progress.

3.Now that after enjoying the MarkMeter experience, you are now fully confident of taking the final test that will have exactly the same questions that were asked in the “Pre-MarkMeter test”.

4.You will be notified with your final performance score. Magic. Now you have scored surprisingly higher marks. You will also be provided with a certificate of progress. You may choose to share this certificate on social media networks such as facebook. You may choose to use the score and test completion duration as a bench mark to improvise any further to scale newer heights. (Example: You have scored 85% marks and in 27 minutes test duration)

5.We are sure that you have noticed within a small and certain amount of time, you have unleashed your power of scoring more ably supported by the MarkMeter experience.

What do I need to experience MarkMeter?

  1. Successful registration. (Click here to register)

  2. Completion of payment using online payment option.

  3. Internet connection (Preferably broad band or 3G or high speed internet )

  4. Electronic device to access internet such as desktop,laptop,tablet or smartphone.

  5. Please note enjoying MarkMeter experience (Speed and quality) depends entirely on your hardware capacity and internet speed. Please ensure that your gadgets are effective and fully functional.

  6. More importantly, a desire to score more marks, commitment and discipline to excel.